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Tomate Pepper Zucchini Eggplant Cucumber Melon Green Bean
TOMATO From November to June.
PEPPER From September to June
ZUCCHINI All year round
EGGPLANT From September to July
CUCUMBER From September to May
MELON From April to July
GREEN BEAN From October to June


            Dynaverde SA has a professional trajectory of over twenty years in the province of Almeria.

            Professionalism and efficiency are always Dynaverde SA objectives, and we have thereby achieved very good business relations with traditional customers and with different supermarket chains.

Managers Christian and Sandrine, specialized in the French market, are completely at
your service.

The young and dynamic people who make up our team want to provide you with a high degree of satisfaction.
Our daily challenge is to provide you with good service, food safety and most importantly,
a perfect product..

Our GLOBALGAP certified producers are located very close to our warehouse. The
Company technical service
advises them completely, from planting to marketing.

The range of Dynaverde SA products is very wide and because of our diversity of types of manufacturing; we are sure that we're the right company to find the product you desire.